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Tips For Parents On

Are you a parent and you are searching a partner for your son or daughter. Here are few tips you should carefully follow to find the perfect pakistani rishta at


I know, it's hard for parents to find good and honest pakistani rishta especially when we don't know the other member and only met him/her online but still, there are some really good ways available which can tell more about the personality and honesty of a member.

Here are few tips from our online member relation specialist for the parents who are looking for proposals / rishtas for children.


  1. Quiet Frankly - don't waste your time after you have viewed the profile. If he/she matches your criteria for candidate of matrimonial relation with your daughter or son,  get his/her mobile number and call him.
  2. Get his office / job information, call his office if he is really the person telling to be.
  3. Get his/her NIC number, varify it from nearest police station
  4. After few days of conversations, if you think he is really that good for your daughter, then talk to his parents on phone.
  5. Just go out and have a look at his address or office, just have a cup of tea with him during his office break, it will tell you whole lot more about him.
  6. Finally - you must let both parties know about each other. So give a party to him and his family at your home so that to-be-bride and to-be-groom could see each other and have some conversation to know if both have some common things.
  7. Please, this is the most important point, Spend atleast 2-4 months in this process. Don't get hurried yourself and mess up things. Sometimes, people can fool you but as you will give more time to understand other party, you will get more chances of finding flaws in them.

That's it, We wish you good luck in finding Pakistani rishta of your daughter online. As jaazib is the best pakistani singles website and it's free, we have to be extra careful in member-to-member relation. So kindly, don't overdue things, if you want to find more information about any member, you can contact us any time.

Remember, There are members who register on jaazib to find Pakistani Girls or meet Pakistani Women Online. So if you are looking to find rishta in any caste or rishta in any countryRishta by Profession  - then you must follow proper instructions.


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