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[1] Name: Tahir City: Karachi Email => looking for a girl age 23-27 from Karachi         [2] Name: Shehzad Ahmed City: Lahre, Pakistan Email => Own Business, Well Setelled => looking for beautiful girl frm middleclass family         [3] Name: Laiba City: Abbottabad Email => Girl, 21 , beautiful, B.A => looking for rishta from abroad.         [4] Name: Muhammad Rizwan City: Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan Email Looking for a beautiful girl, she should be single, honest, sincere and loving.         [5] Name: Ahmed City: Lahore Email Need a well settled, educated and beautiful girl for marriage         [6] Name: Girl City: Lahore,Pakistan Email => She is single, Beautiful, 30, MBA => Need rishta from Lahore => Age 32-36 => Must have GOVT JOB         [7] Name: Kamran City: Bagh, Azad Kashmir Email =. need Canadian nationality girl for marriage         [8] Name: Girl City: Gujranwala,Pakistan Email => She is M.A English => 26, Beautiful => Required rishta from a reputed family. Should be well settled.. Age 28-34         [9] Name: Smaviya City: Iqbal Town, Lahore Email => Need rishta from rajpoot family => boy must be educated => from well settled family         [10] Name: Dilawer Hussain City: Karachi Email => Age 34 => owns automobile business in karachi => 2nd marriage looking for divorced/widower age between 25-30        
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Shadi Online In Pakistan

Shadi online is a new phenomenon in Pakistan. With the arrival of internet technology and promotion of online media, it's becoming normal for young boys and girls of Pakistan to look for their partner online. Pakistani young generation is looking to avail rishta website or shadi online website to find the perfect partner for themselves.

Shadi online

if you are interested in shadi online in Pakistan, you must be very careful as it's too easy to hide identity and fake their details when user create their shadi online profile on matrimonial website like However, if you are extra careful, and a clever person, you can guess intentions of your counterpart very easily.

Tips for Shadi Online in Pakistan

  1. You must take interest in people who want to start a new life as is a shadi online platform. You must not indulge with anyone who is not serious about shadi online or who is interested in friendship or sole dating purpose.
  2. you must involve your parents or family member in shadi online process because that's the only safest way to go along this track. And if your luck favoured, you will find a perfect partner for yourself in no time.
  3. Never ever share your personal information like phone number, address or facebook account information with any member on You must be careful in judging the right person to share such information.
  4. If you are interested in Shadi online in Pakistan, then you must not send money/gift or precious items to any member unless you are absolutely sure that he/she is not making fool of you. You can easily be fooled or people can take advantage of you by smooth talking with you or emotionaly blackmailing you for one reason or other.
  5. Remember again, is not a perfect shadi online platform, we can't completely keep scammer away from being a member here. It's your responsiblity to be stay away from harms way all the time

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