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[1] Name: Dilawer Hussain City: Karachi Email => Age 34 => owns automobile business in karachi => 2nd marriage looking for divorced/widower age between 25-30         [2] Name: Tahir City: Karachi Email => looking for a girl age 23-27 from Karachi         [3] Name: Muhammad Rizwan City: Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan Email Looking for a beautiful girl, she should be single, honest, sincere and loving.         [4] Name: Smaviya City: Iqbal Town, Lahore Email => Need rishta from rajpoot family => boy must be educated => from well settled family         [5] Name: Girl City: Gujranwala,Pakistan Email => She is M.A English => 26, Beautiful => Required rishta from a reputed family. Should be well settled.. Age 28-34         [6] Name: Ahmed City: Lahore Email Need a well settled, educated and beautiful girl for marriage         [7] Name: Kamran City: Bagh, Azad Kashmir Email =. need Canadian nationality girl for marriage         [8] Name: Laiba City: Abbottabad Email => Girl, 21 , beautiful, B.A => looking for rishta from abroad.         [9] Name: Girl City: Lahore,Pakistan Email => She is single, Beautiful, 30, MBA => Need rishta from Lahore => Age 32-36 => Must have GOVT JOB         [10] Name: Shehzad Ahmed City: Lahre, Pakistan Email => Own Business, Well Setelled => looking for beautiful girl frm middleclass family        
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Islamic Marriage Tips Apr 07, 2015

Good marriages need patience, kindness, humility, sacrifice, empathy, love, understanding, forgiveness, and labor. Following these principles ought to facilitate any wedding to boost. The essence of all of them are often summed up in one sentence: continually treat your mate the manner you'd prefer to be treated. If you follow this rule, your wedding can have a way larger probability for achievement. If you discard this rule, failure is simply round the corner.


Marriage Tips for Muslim Couples Apr 07, 2015

Although several Muslims could immediately be in failing marriages and on a quick track to divorce and its terrible consequences, there square measure some ways to place their wedding back on the correct track if the husband and mate square measure sincere in their need to reconcile. the subsequent principles are often employed by Muslims UN agencyse weddings square measure already in hassle or by Muslims who would love to avoid hassle in their marriage.

Pakistani Matrimonial Website: Selecting a Marriage Partner Jan 27, 2015

Pakistani Matrimonial Website: Selecting a Marriage Partner Pakistan's leading Rishta/Matrimonial Website, Pakistan Rishta, Rishtay in Pakistan, Get Pakistani Rishta website. It is a free website to create your profile and search rishtas online in Pakistan.

Pakistani Bride’s Secrets Tips: Home Remedies for Glowing Skin Jan 10, 2015

Pakistani Bride’s Secrets Tips: Home Remedies for Glowing Skin

In Pakistan every bride dreams of having that glowing skin that would turn heads. If your shaadi is right around the corner and you have not a big budget I am sure these list of home remedies will work for you.

Pakistan's leading Rishta/Matrimonial Website collects some remedies for you hope you people like this list. We also deal in Pakistan Rishta, Rishtay in Pakistan, Get Pakistani Rishta and Pakistani Matrimonial Website for Registration click here.


How to get a Pakistani Rishta Jan 04, 2015

Getting suitable rishta/proposal is quite a hard task these days. Due to internet and too many diversions education level and qualities in grooms are decreasing day by day, but on the other hand Pakistani girls are more and more involved in education and focused on a better future.

Well, This situation ends up being negative for a girl when her parents want to search a perfect match for their brilliant daughter - For such girls, here are some of the tips to get Pakistani Rishta online 

How to search life partner in Pakistan Dec 31, 2014 a Pakistan Rishta site that will help you to find your best partner in good manners. We provide you a good platform that will leads you a happy ending.

Marriage: Purpose and Obligation According to Islam Dec 18, 2014

Nikah is an Arabic term used for marriage. It means "contract". ("Aqd in Arabic). The Quran specifically refers to marriage/shaadi as "mithaqun Ghalithun,". Which means “a strong covenant”?

The Keys to a Successful Relationship Dec 16, 2014

Most of us want to meet and settle down with the “right” person, and most of us want such a relationship to last. There's no single "formula" to a perfect relationship. However, we've studied an awful lot about what successful couples do. Everyone's relationships are a bit different, but we can take away a lot from what we know works.

Send shaadi proposal to 100 to 5000 pakistani girls or boys Dec 08, 2014

Search for Pakistani rishta or Rishtay in Pakistan? and you are tired of contacting each member one by one ? It takes lot of efforts and time. But, by Paying a very small fee, we can send your shaadi online proposal to 100 to 5000 pakistani girls, Pakistani women or pakistani men in few seconds.. check the details

How to chat online with live Members May 02, 2014

We know, live to live communicatino is a big THing. And You can also chat live with online members but you need to have an approved photo or an upgraded account to live chat with online members.

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