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[1] Name: Dilawer Hussain City: Karachi Email => Age 34 => owns automobile business in karachi => 2nd marriage looking for divorced/widower age between 25-30         [2] Name: Smaviya City: Iqbal Town, Lahore Email => Need rishta from rajpoot family => boy must be educated => from well settled family         [3] Name: Shehzad Ahmed City: Lahre, Pakistan Email => Own Business, Well Setelled => looking for beautiful girl frm middleclass family         [4] Name: Ahmed City: Lahore Email Need a well settled, educated and beautiful girl for marriage         [5] Name: Muhammad Rizwan City: Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan Email Looking for a beautiful girl, she should be single, honest, sincere and loving.         [6] Name: Girl City: Gujranwala,Pakistan Email => She is M.A English => 26, Beautiful => Required rishta from a reputed family. Should be well settled.. Age 28-34         [7] Name: Tahir City: Karachi Email => looking for a girl age 23-27 from Karachi         [8] Name: Laiba City: Abbottabad Email => Girl, 21 , beautiful, B.A => looking for rishta from abroad.         [9] Name: Kamran City: Bagh, Azad Kashmir Email =. need Canadian nationality girl for marriage         [10] Name: Girl City: Lahore,Pakistan Email => She is single, Beautiful, 30, MBA => Need rishta from Lahore => Age 32-36 => Must have GOVT JOB        
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Search Zaroorat Rishta Bokaro Steel City - Here is the list of thousands of Pakistanis from 'Bokaro Steel City' who can be your perfect match. Looking to Get Rishta From Bokaro Steel City ?

Pakistani Rishtay in Bokaro Steel City
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Pakistani Rishtay in Bokaro Steel City
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